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Body Whip, Made With Love

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Body Whip, Made With Love

As we come into the dreaded cooler months, our priorities change from needing the ultimate bikini bod to knowing how to combat the unfortunate common colds.. Amidst the seasonal changes, we tend to give our valuable attention to things like our hair and whether the summer damage is too extreme to repair, our body temperature and knowing where our wheat bag is at all times, to our wardrobe and whether we have enough track-pants and chunky knits to get us through. But quite often we neglect the most important thing of all, our precious skin.

Although being our largest organ, our skin tends to take the back bench on the ‘to look after’ list in the cooler months. In summer we are constantly exposed to sunscreen advertisements, drawing our attention to the leathery complexion we can obtain if we forget to slip, slop, slap, but in winter we aren’t ever inclined and reminded to nourish, cleanse and nurture. The harshness of winter air can actually dry out our skin immensely, leaving us prone to eczema and other irritable skin conditions.

The average person requires 8 glasses of pure water each day to be considered consuming the minimal optimal health-required amount. This is suggested to promote general well-being, and care of gut health which has proven to be medically beneficial to our overall health, wellbeing and especially our skin. We are expected to cleanse, tone and moisturise in order to have a basic skincare routine and or regime. We often tend to focus on this for our facial and décolletage area, however tend to lose focus on those areas away from the face, which are just as important.

We’ve tried and tested just about every moisturiser under the sun, and have yet to discover one that doesn’t smell clinically antiseptic, one that doesn’t leave your skin feeling like a Velcro wall, attracting every hair, dust particle or other element in sight or one that doesn’t feel like it is quite literally setting alight to your face or body.

Then enter, Little Pink Fox’s Handmade, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Body Whip. Alas, what we have all been waiting for. A nourishing, moisturising treatment that smells delectable, leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, and that doesn’t cost you the price of a small organ.

Katie Fox, a highly sought-after Professional Makeup Artist has designed and created The Little Pink Fox, a Luxe gift range that ticks the boxes of the gifts people have been yearning for. Starting her business a mere 12 months ago, Katie confirms The Body-whip is in ultra high demand and the most popular of products.

Given the whip is created through use of the best natural oils and butters, it’s soft texture melts between your fingers almost instantly, avoiding a slimy film or gritty aftermath. Given you only need the smallest amount the product is really long-lasting, ensuring its cost-effective and great value for money. The smell is indescribable, so sweet and pretty that you almost want to taste test it. Finally, the packaging is extremely well-executed with the patterns and colours co-ordinating perfectly with the rest of the range. The added bonus, no harsh chemicals or ingredients that are often drying the skin out further.

Katie is able to produce the whip from her kitchen, ensuring she is able to strictly monitor the recipe and level of each ingredient, nailing it to perfection every time. Once completed and packaged up, the whip is then stored in the refrigerator, allowing it to set and form to a cool texture. Since launching this product, Katie has seen sales from all over the country, with more positive testimonials and reviews than she can count.

‘Love my Xmas present, that body mousse is a must-have for every woman!’ – M. Lawson

‘If you want to totally treat your skin, get your mitts on some body-whip from Little Pink Fox! I bought some on the weekend from a little boutique in Robe – it absolutely melts in to your skin and smells amazing! I smell delicious! I will definitely be buying more when this lot runs out – a definite new favourite’ – K. Kruger

‘That Body-Whip is the most amazing thing ever!’ – K. Atwell

So the next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect way to treat your skin, jump online to and grab some of the Body-Whip, you won’t be disappointed.